AustriAlpin - About Us

About AustriAlpin.

AustriAlpin GmbH was incorporated as a premium quality hardware brand in 1996.  Prior to the formation of this company, its ownership families(3 generations of expertise) were the founding and inspirational design force behind the Stubai manufacturing Co-op's safety, para-sport, and mountaineering divisions.  Separate and distinct since 1996, AustriAlpin continues to base its incredible success on it's HIGHER IQ.   - that is, higher Innovation and Quality.  Even in today's age of cheap outsourcing, AustriAlpin continues to design, source, and manufacturer all of it product range in Austria - where quality and consistency have not been sacrificed to the false idols of cheap Asian labour, suspect assembly, and absent quality controls.   Lowest cost ideals have a bigger price and we don't agree with a current market philosophy that your life and safety should suffer for a few extra dollars at the cash register! 

Located in the the famous Stubai region of the Austrian Alps all our inspiriation comes from the rugged, severe, and yet beautiful mountainous environment in which we live and work.  Our products are an expression of these forces.

Independent and contracted, AustriAlpin Inc. is the Exclusive Distributor of all AustriAlpin products in North America.  Our office and central warehouse is located in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.  Our secondary warehouse facility is located in Rochester, NY, USA.  We are thus able to serve our customers efficiently and economically from either location.