AustriAlpin - Cobra Quick Releases

cobra finishes and other options

Cobra products are available in several stocked finishes including:




     1) KTL regular shiny black

     2) Mil-Spec All-Black Matte Non-Reflective

     3) Elephant Grey (GreyBrown) - matte

     4) Mil-Spec Desert Sand - matte

     5) Mil-Spec Coyote Brown - matte

     6) Mil-Spec Foliage Green - matte

     7) Polished (non colored) metalic

     8) HARD COAT™ Finish -- for extreme corrosion and high friction applications

By popular demand, NEW non-reflective MATTE finishes are now standard on all MilSpec colors!   We can also provide special order anodized coloring (CMYK pallet) to match any need you may have.   Please call for details on order minimums and lead times.


Cobras sizes 45mm (1 3/4"), and 50mm (2") are available with either regular (11mm) brass release clips or XL (15mm) release clips. 


AustriAlpin also offers custom private logo / insignia embossing (stamp embossed directly into the surface of the buckle).  Please call for order minimums and lead time.