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comparing the competition

It's not really fair to use the word comparison or competition when evaluating COBRA® buckles.   There just is no equal.  However, in recent times a few new startup companies have been making some unsupported claims about their products in direct comparison to our tried, tested, and proven products.  This page is devoted to quantifiable evaluation of the facts.   At the end of the day, you need to decide for yourself - just be sure to let the facts do the convincing!   

COBRA vs Raptor buckles (Click here to download PDF)



Recently we learned that two Taiwanese companies (Handy Man Enterprises and Usang Industrial Corp) are trying to peddle an extremely dangerous (see this video posted on Youtube) and poor quality knockoff of the 45mm COBRA®.  This blatant Asian ripoff is far below PPE industry quality standards and opens with ease when under load.  It's nothing short of life threatening to unsuspecting users.  As we publish on this website, the COBRA buckle design is protected under US Patent law (US621,743S).  AustriAlpin is diligent in its prosecution of any US based sellers, buyers, or promoters of this illegal contraban product.   We appreciate you, our supporters, and ask that you notify us if you are aware of, or suspect any infringements of those rights.  Thank you.