AustriAlpin - Cobra Quick Releases

ANSI and NFPA rated cobras

After years of research, design, and rigorous testing AustriAlpin is excited to announce the release of its revolutionary ANSI Z359.1 and NFPA (same design but the NFPA model are individually 11kN proof loaded) rated Cobra fasteners.  Designed around the patented Cobra click locking technology the new 4000+lb members of our product line are undeniably the world’s finest, safest, strongest, and most secure extreme load bearing quick releases available anywhere.

Frame Material:  7075 Aluminum Alloy    Internal Locking Mechanisms:  Solid Brass Tensile Strength:  21kN (4800lb)            Weight: 73grams                                                                   Our ANSI Cobra exceeds all ANSI Z359.1 ( and figure 25) requirements which stipulate that all fastening hardware and adjusters exceed a 17.8kN (4000lb) tensile load /internal frame test for one minute.  A copy of our 3rd Party test confirmation and results can be found under the "tests and certs" link at left.   To date, few companies have been able to attain this lofty standard benchmark and those that have, have utilized heavy steel, rivetted plating, and often cumbersome size and design.  The AustriAlpin ANSI and NFPA Cobras are lightweight (made of solid piece CNC machined 7075 aluminum) and nothing short of sexy!  

Unlike other products on the market the ANSI and NFPA Cobras have no dangerous potential for accidental opening  / release when under load. AustriAlpin’s Patented Cobra technology and design prohibits this problem which is found universally among the competition.  

It took years to solve the riddle in a manner befitting our commitment to excellence but now anyone can say, "The ANSI standards never looked so good! ”

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