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AUSTRIALPIN INC - North american Dist.  


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Hollywood's 'The Martian' spacesuit feature all sorts of AustriAlpin COBRA products!

COBRA FM (for fashion and sport) now available!

***NEW*** Fashion Model

SPACE X Dragon capsule uses COBRA buckles!


D-Ring COBRA® now available in 3 sizes!   Click here to read more...

Felix Baumgartner uses COBRAs for RedBull Stratosphere jump!



COBRA buckles have recently featured in The Avengers, GI Joe, Transformers, Promethius, Judge Dredd and Total Recall...just to name a few! Since their first debut in "Blade", they have been widely used by Hollywood designers for their "futuristic look", flawless function and their "cool factor".  We offer our thanks to the great costume and set designers out there who like using our stuff - we're honored to work with you !




Welcome to the official North American AustriAlpin products website. As the exclusive distributor for all AustriAlpin products we are pleased to here present a selection of our most popular items.  AustriAlpin is premium quality PPE safety hardware. Whether it be for military, industrial safety, fall stop, para-sport, SAR, fire/polic/tactical, theatrical rigging, or climbing and mountaineering - you just won't find higher quality, performance or safer products anywhere in the world.   You'll also be pleased to know that we don't outsource our production to cheap labour based manufacters in Asia - where quality and consistency go to die.  You can trust our hardware to be the safest and most enduringly consistent in the world.     

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